The Department of Revenue is responsible for the titling and registration of all motor vehicle manufacturers, retail and wholesale motor vehicle dealers, boat dealers, and wholesale and public motor vehicle auctions. Motor vehicles include new and used cars, including historic and classic cars, boats, motorcycles and recreational vehicles. The Department of Revenue may take disciplinary action against motor vehicle dealers and manufacturers that violate Missouri dealer licensing provisions.

Frequently Asked Questions

When should I file a complaint against a dealer with the Department of Revenue?

  • If you believe a motor vehicle dealer has obtained or attempted to obtain money, a fee, a trade, or other compensation from you by fraud, deception or misrepresentation.
  • If you believe a motor vehicle dealer has used false solicitations or advertisements.
  • If you believe a motor vehicle dealer has committed odometer fraud.
  • If you believe a motor vehicle dealer uses or permits the use of dealer license tags for purposes not permitted by law.
  • If you have a complaint about a business location or hours of operation, or if you believe a motor vehicle dealer is operating illegally on a Sunday.
  • If you did not receive a Federal Buyer’s Guide when you purchased a vehicle at a public auction.
  • If you were not advised of safety and warranty disclaimers at a motor vehicle auction.

How do I file a Complaint with the Department of Revenue?

  • Download the complaint form (Form 4683).
  • In the section marked “Information on Complainant,” fill in your name, address, and telephone number(s) for home and work, if applicable.
  • If your complaint involves a specific vehicle, vessel, or outboard motor, in the section marked “Information About the Vehicle,” fill in the year, make, model, identification number, date of purchase, purchase price, and mileage information, if applicable.
  • In the section marked “Complaint Against,” fill in the name and address of the person or business, whether you have contacted the owner or manager of the business about this problem, and the outcome of the contact, a detailed description about the nature of your complaint, what form of relief you are seeking, and any other agencies you have contacted regarding this complaint.
  • In the section marked “Other Information,” mark whether you have contacted an attorney or filed a lawsuit regarding this complaint.
  • Sign and date the Complaint and submit it electronically, or mail the Complaint and copies of supporting documents to: Driver and Vehicle Services Bureau, Dealer Licensing Section, PO Box 43, Jefferson City, MO 65105-0043.

What happens after the Department of Revenue receives my complaint?

Your complaint will be reviewed by the Department of Revenue. If the complaint is not approved for further investigation, you will be notified by mail. If the complaint is approved for investigation, it will proceed through Department channels to resolve cases that are violations of the statutes or rules applicable to the Department of Revenue.

The Department of Revenue cannot represent you in proceeding against a motor vehicle dealer. In accordance with statute, the Department of Revenue can only pursue the State’s interest in regulating motor vehicle dealers, which may or may not benefit you directly.

If you are seeking damages or other remedies from a particular motor vehicle dealer, in addition to completing the consumer complaint form, you may choose to obtain private counsel. You may also file a complaint with the Attorney General’s office.

Who can I contact for more information?

Missouri Department of Revenue, Dealer Licensing Section
PO Box 43
Jefferson City, MO 65105
Phone: 573-526-3669
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